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FLORIDA ALLIGATOR / GATOR HUNTING Florida alligator hunting year round on thousands of gator packed acres. All Our Florida gator hunts are conducted on high population Private Land. We cater to your hunting dreams, daytime, nighttime, on land, water, with bow, rifle, fishing pole, or harpoon. It’s your gator hunt. Don't just get taken for a boat ride, we GUARANTEE your alligator hunt! We are ranked Florida's #1 alligator hunting destination for a reason. We hunt for gators from 5 foot for your desktop. To 12 plus feet, you choose the size. You will have the time of your life, fishing, hunting, bird watching, site seeing, boat riding, and of course reeling in Florida's last dinosaur.
Ranch Location 1 hour south of Tampa. Or 1 hour north of Fort Myers. 1-863-546-0697
South Florida alligator hunting with a rifle.   It was around 7am when we arrived at the South Florida alligator hunting area and it was a dryer Florida day so we we're hunting by spot & stalk on land. My alligator guide knew what he was doing, because it was only around an hour of hunting and we saw five gators Basking in the Florida sun, but we was looking for a 10 foot plus gator. Four or five more alligators seen in another 30 minutes, and I heard my guide say there he is, like he has seen this alligator in his Florida back yard or something. I looked with my binoculars and saw the giant gator lying in the Florida sand on a bank.    Give me the shooting sticks I said, knowing that this gator was at least 10 feet. I shot him in the head at about 80 yards, and the giant gator slid into the Florida canal like a snake. I had never been fishing in Florida yet, but out came the alligator fishing poles. After four casts we hooked onto him, and my gator guide handed me the pole. It was like have a giant Florida shark on I guess. I never would of thought I would be hunting alligators with a fishing pole. After about 45 minutes or so I had him at the bank. Give me the pole my gator guide says. Then he handed me a different gator pole. What do I do with this? It's a bang stick; just hit the gator in the head when he gets close enough. As my guide pulled, and pulled on the pole, up came a giant alligator directly in front of my feet. 10-foot gator, ya right, he was at least 12 foot. Bang I hit him in the head and a small splash and I had a 12-foot alligator that we were trying to drag up the Florida bank.    All I can say is a 12-foot gator is a beast, and your going to need help getting the gator anywhere. What a hunt, I highly recommend this outfit!
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* info and prices on web site are subject to change without notice,   please contact us for the most accurate and current info.
CLOSE AIRPORTS! We are located about 85 miles / 1hour 15 minutes from Tampa international airport or 60 miles / 50 minutes from ft. Myers international airport.
INFO ON HOW TO FLY WITH FIREARMS Transportation web site. http://www.tsa.gov or call 1-866-289-9673
WHAT TO EXPECT! You can expect to see 5 to 25 alligators a day that range from 5 foot to 13 foot plus on your hunt. You will be hunting with all weapons needed to insure we get your alligator. By Florida law you may use rifle in daylight hours only and crossbow, bang stick, bow, spear and pole at night. You can expect to have a great time hunting is a game rich environment with a guarantee you go home with an alligator. Your meat is free of charge. Skin and quartering charges are  $30 to $35 per foot. We have taxidermy pick up for free, and have all hunting gear needed to ensure you get an alligator. Lodging on exotic game ranch if you request. Food and cook added at additional cost. Combo hunts with exotics and hog added upon request for additional costs.
WHAT TO WEAR HUNTING.  Camouflage shirt and pants. From April to October light weight short sleeve shirts. Nov to March add long sleeve shirt and light weight jacket. Footwear should be hunting / hiking boots ankle high or higher, or rubber boots. (suggested not required) LICENSE NEEDED! An agents license is required to hunt alligator in Florida. The cost of licensing is $52 and is NOT included in hunt pricing. After booking your hunt, we will text you a link or phone # to get your license. Stress free licenses! We are here to help all the time! SIGHTING IN YOUR RIFLE OR BOW. We have a range from 25 yards to 200 yards at our exotic ranch to make sure you are on target before you hunt. AMMUNITION We suggest using lead tip bullets! Military full metal jacket, hollow points, and ballistic tips are NOT good rounds to use on alligators.(suggestion only)
HUNTING TRANSPORTATION ! We use a variety of hunting vehicles for alligators such as 4x4 trucks, ATVS, airboats, and swamp buggy. The vehicle we use depends on the property we are hunting, and water level on that property. Party size, gator size wanted, and time of year will also be considered when choosing hunting transportation.
ALLIGATOR HUNTING METHODS ! "Alligator Night Time hunting" Hunting at night can be done but is a lot harder to see and judge the size of alligators being shot or caught by pole. We would be using spot lights and crossbow or bang stick with fishing pole at night. (No firearms allowed by law at night). We will spot the size alligator you are looking for, snag it with 200 pound breaded alligator line and fight the gator in. Hang on for dear life because fighting an alligator on a fishing pole is like catching a great white. (Other methods may be used at request). "Alligator day time hunting" Daylight alligator hunting is the best of all do to the fact you can see and judge the size of all alligators with ease. Day light hunts are highly recommended. We start the hunt stalking alligators and judging the size of each one till we fine the size our client is looking for and then snag the alligator with fishing pole with large treble hook and shot with a rifle or pistol. (Sounds Easy, but will take time) You are shooting at a four inch target, so a steady hand and sometime more then one shot is needed to kill these very tough hided dinosaurs. (Other methods and weapons used at client request)
PRIVATE LAND HUNTING We hunt only private land to ensure there are lots of gators, and be able to hunt all year long.  Public land hunts will have lots of competition for the same gators an outfitter would be looking for with a limited season. and most gators are small do to the fact that the big ones are shot out. On private land hunts you may use rifle and hand guns to kill your gator, and hunt day or night. Where public land hunts no rifle or firearm at all may be used, and your time window by law is only at night most times. On our private land hunts you will AVOID tangled lines with others, limited time, only small gators, not being able to have a firearm, limited season, and no speeding boats blasting by on the hunt. WILL YOU GET AN ALLIGATOR? Simply said YES! That's why you are hiring us, to get an alligator. Anyone can go for a walk in the woods, or take you for a ride on a boat. You won't hear us say the moon is to bright, the temperature is to cold, or you didn't get one because you was not hunting correctly. We don't give excuses why you didn't get a gator, we just make it happen! HUNTING SEASON & TIMES We hunt private land year round, day and night to insure you get your trophy gator. We hunt 7 days a week at any time. If you have a date or time that you need to hunt, please call us, and we will do our very best to accommodate you. There is no time limit on the day you booked your hunt. WEAPONS USED ON THE HUNT. You are welcome to bring your own weapon of choice, or use ours. You may hunt with rifle, handgun, bow, crossbow, bang stick, muzzleloader, or spear.
CALL US ! 1-863-546-0697
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